Wayfinding in the Samara airport


Wayfinding system in Samara airport Kurumoch is a project inspired with space. In Samara there're still being built the engines for space industry and the citizens are very proud of it. The architectures from Nefa Architects connected this issue with the interior of the airport. Our friends tried to convey the feeling of flight inside the airport the with flying saucer and huge media screen. Our task was to direct people in this beautiful dreaming area.

We decided to add a little bit of retro style in the style of traffic signs. Hence appeared the rounded corners and relevant colors. We added retro because the interior was made in futuristic style of the 60's inspired with Oscar Niemeyer's art. We tried to make staying in the airport comfortable and understandable. We hope you can enjoy being there.

In collaboration with Nefa Architects

Ilya Ivanov

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