VONK is a creative couple from Moscow. Our names are Viktor Ostrovsky and Nadi Kurganskaya and we have been working in graphic and digital design since 2009. With the years of practise, challenging tasks, lots of educational courses and trainings we've turned into a complete project. We changed the label, approach to our work and life in general.

We lived on a word of mouth with the help of our friends and clients, just enjoying different projects. Now we've decided to do the work we love every single day. That is why you can observe our new website with the projects, that helped us to grow.

We create impressive styles to reveal the brand's character
We help brands to fully realize their potential in digital communication
We develop wayfinding from conception to implimentation

Our goal is to create design, that would be breathtaking and at the same time to benefit in a long-term. To accomplish that it is vital to move forward every day for creating something original, authentic and useful. We try to build friendly long-term relations with our clients. As a result, we progress with every project, making the world and ourselves a little better.

Cooperation for the better world